Posture & Gait correction

Posture & Gait Correction

‘Posture’ is defined as the attitude assumed by the body either with support during the course of muscular activity, or as a result of coordinated action perform by group of muscle to maintain the stability.

There are two types of postures namely;
1. Dynamic posture
2. Static posture

While assessing posture, symmetry and rotations/tilts should be observed in the anterior, lateral & posterior views.

The term ‘Gait’ is used to describe how your legs and feet act when you walk and run. It includes many factors, including how your weight moves from side to side and front to back. Your gait is determined by number of factors includes shape, length and strength of your bones, Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Gait assessment is useful to diagnose the reason for pain while walking, running or any other related injuries.