Neck Pain

Awareness about basic body posture in children and young adults at an early stage in life.

The phenomena of children being cultivated into Social Media despite their young age is not a matter of pride but one of worry for parents. Parents fail to identify the reality that children occupied with this activity can cause irreversible damage to their bodies. Based on the trends it is pertinent to start thinking about this issue before it is too late.

In this progressing world where children, young boys, and young girls, who make excessive use of social networking websites through their tablets and mobile phones, pay careless heed to the postures of their necks and backs. This could result in diseases like Scoliosis (bent backbone), Kyphosis (hunchback) and Trapezitis (neck pain).  These are severe diseases of the muscles and bones. “A burden-less education” is just a phrase for the sake of it.  The education today, on the contrary, imposes pressure on children. The weight of the school bag, that children carry every day, causes immense pressure on their shoulder and backs joints, which in turn, causes instability in their posture. This has adverse long term effects at a more mature age. Further, when children squint in the class or while watching tv due to disturbed vision, it causes them to adopt what is called a ‘forward neck posture’, which eventually leads to trapezitis. The incidence of this ailment is rapidly increasing amongst young children. It causes a high rate of knots in the neck. The effects of this are rather painful and can cause heavy discomfort during the stress of the exam. In case of discomfort of this nature in children, then it is advised to apply an ice pack everyday for ten minutes, thrice a day. If action is taken immediately, it will result in immediate pain relief.

It is very important to teach children the right postures for the backs and necks. There are three common ailments children face during school.

  • Postural Scoliosis –Kyphosis: this ailment is the result of bad sitting posture and bad neck posture.
  • Primary Scolisosis –Kyphosis: this is an ailment that a child inherits prior to birth. If this ailment is not treated immediately on birth, it can result in a deformed spine.
  • Secondary Scoliosis –Kyphosis: This is the consequence of a primary disease, spina bifida, cerebral palsy or any other type of accident.

To avoid these diseases it is suggested that children and youngsters correct their various postures of sitting and walking as well as the position of their neck, back and hip during their routine activities. In spite of this, you can always consult a Kinesiologist who can guide and advice you on the right postures as well as necessary exercises to correct a posture.

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