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Joint Muscle Pain


Knee Pain

Which is better: A knee joint with gap or without?

Heel Pain

Why do my heels hurt and what can I do about it?

Neck Pain

Awareness about basic body posture in children and young adults at an early stage in life.

Back Pain

Not all kinds of back pain warrant surgery.

Shoulder Pain

Be warned if you find your shoulder’s working capacity declining.

Migraine Pain

Is cervicogenic headache caused by problems with the neck muscles ?

What is

Kinesiology comes from the greek word “kinesis” which means “Movement”.

Kinesiology is a therapeutic practice, which studies the mechanics of Human body movement and how they impact our day to day wellbeing. During assessment and treatment patients understand their root cause of their pain.

Kinesiologist helps in improving the body’s internal and muscular balance and supports in :


The primary advantage of Home Healthcare is safety, convenience and family involvement.
Benefits of home based treatment: 

We continuously try to upgrade and improve our processes, systems & practices by way of innovative methods and technology. Our purpose is to ensure consistent and regular awareness to our patients and their family members about the various pathological conditions and how they can adopt preventive options and lead a healthy life.

We strongly believe in developing patient relationships by educating them towards understanding of their pain for a better & effective outcome. Our aim is to promote community collaboration based on trust, transparency & credibility.

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Our Happy

My Masi (80 years old )was having both side of hip left and right (Sciatica) and back muscles problem. She got treated at Nikol branch (Ahmedabad)under Dr. Ayushi Shah and Dr. Dharesh Modi had treated him in only 15 sittings She recovered almost 80 to 85%. Thanks to Dr. Ayushi Shah for her efforts and guidance from time to time . Once again I thanks Dr. Ayushi Shah and whole Aalyam Team.Specially Thanks to Dr.Dipen Patel.

Arpan Sheth


I live in Gandhinagar near reliance cross road. My wife was suffering from knee pain since last 6 years, I visited Alayam, on,10th aug,...my wife was given treatment ,by (Dr.ANJALI PRAJAPATI)at Radhe square reliance cross road, gandhinagar. Now she is filling better. Treatment n exercise was really effective. Thanks Alayam, n noble staff. Please don't replace knee.

Chaitanya Bhavsar


Thanks to the Aalayam rehab care mainly Dr. Pooja Dadhaniya , she had done my knee as well as back pain treatment at Bharuch branch. I am also wearing shoes with insole Which was suggested for my flate feet. Now i feel much better in my routine activities .
Before taking the treatment i was not able to stand even for 15 min now I can stand for prolong period of time.

Nilesh Chauhan


It is a Great place for pain relief with latest technology equipment.
The Doctor listens carefully to your complains and guides you very well for your each complain.

Very effective physiotherapy treatment was given to me by DR SHAILY SHAH, like strengthening of muscles and help in improving body functions. Her dedication for work was worth praising.

The team of doctors is really dedicated to work. Co operative and hard working and has proven best and 100% effective treatment results..!

Ruchi shah


My father Sureshbhai Polara had taken treatment from Dr. Mirali at the Surat branch. He got much more relief in his hand pain also improved. Thank you so much Aalayam team for the wonderful treatment.

"Thank For Dr. Vidhi and Dr. Mirali"
Best Regards,
Saurav Polara(Owner For Webzone Infosys)

Saurav Polara


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