During your first consultation we will conduct a comprehensive assessment with 4D Live Medical Technology. This enables us to understand the structural source of your Joint muscle pain complaint and to help us to provide a diagnosis and formulate a planned course of treatment.

Joint Muscle Pain need to be accurately diagnosed for effective treatment. Our clinical assessment will help us to identify the root cause of pain and provide need based treatment protocol.


Palpation is a method of feeling with the fingers or hands during a physical examination of Joint muscle pain. Palpation is one of the assessment techniques to detect certain characteristics about the patients body such as swelling, tenderness, range, quality of joint motion & movement can be identified.

Palpation Method are of two types:
1. Light – Fingers are used to feel the abnormalities on the surface of the body
2. Deep – use to feel internal organs and masses.

Palpation is a psychomotor skill which is part of the examination process includes thorough history, range of motion, muscle strength testing as well as joint mobility assessment.

Visual Analog





Very Severe

Possible Pain

The visual analog scale is a tool used by therapist to assess a patient’s intensity of certain sensation, feeling such as pain, by applying mild to moderate pressure of thumb to the pain part / tender point, while observing the facial expression and match it with the Visual Analog Scale before and after treatment.

Generally Visual Analog Scale is from 1 (Minimum) to 10 (Maximum). A change in the visual analog scale score represent a relative change in the magnitude of pain sensation.

4D Medical - Pain

The use of 4D Live Medical technology at Aalayam Rehab Care helps the patient to understand his / her pathological condition by way of non-invasive imaging technology. It gives a better clarity, understanding and approach towards the transparency in diagnosing the root cause of joint muscle pain leading to a positive treatment outcome.